Sans is a skeleton from the Undertale series, and appears in Carbon Fighters. He was added in v.0.1.0.



Sans' attacks are based off of his Genocide route appearance in Undertale. He can fling his arm, similarly to a punch, for his neutral attack, which is based off of him throwing the Undertale's protagonist's soul around the box they fight in. He can shoot bones for his side attack, which is similar to an reoccuring attack he uses within his fight. He can throw his arms around mid air for his aerial attack, which has no origin.


In v.0.2.0, Sans is very slow and cannot jump high. However, to balance this, he does a whopping 5 damage.


  • Sans is currently the only Indie Game character.
  • Sans is the youngest character in the game, as Undertale only came out in September.
  • Sans' name is based off of the font Comic Sans, which he uses to communicate in.
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