Mario is the main protagonist of the Super Mario series, and is a character in Carbon Fighters. He was added in v.0.1.0

Profile Edit

Moves Edit

Mario's moves seem to be inspired by his moves from the Mario & Luigi games. His neutral attack is slamming his Hammer on the ground, similarly to Mario's basic hammer attack. His side attack is a punch. His aerial attack is a hammer swing, which goes all around him.

Stats Edit

Mario is a all around character, moving fairly fast and doing 3 damage to his opponents.

Note: Stats don't go into effect until v.0.2.0!

Trivia Edit

  • Mario is the only character to exist in every iteration of Carbon Fighters
  • Mario and Sonic are the only two characters to be in the original version of Carbon Fighters and the current Carbon Fighters
  • Mario and Luigi are the only two characters to more than one character out of their franchise in Carbon Fighters
  • Mario has been confirmed to appear in the remastered engine.
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