Carbon Fighters is a Smash Bros style fighting game made by RabidPlatypus.


The Reboot's Logo

Beta Edit

The game started development in 2014 on Mushroom Kingdom Showdown Wiki by RabidPlatypus (Then under the name Mightyzinn). It was over ambitious, and was cancelled after a few months of development. The only characters in the game were Mario and Nyan Cat, although Sonic was planned.

Reboot Edit

In June of 2015, the game attempted to have a reboot, however the game got cancelled again. In November of 2015, the game was brought back for the third time, and has no signs of getting cancelled.

Versions Edit

Pre v.0.3.0 Edit

Released December 16th 2015 to January 4th 2016, these versions included more simpler fighting styles, and smaller stages.

Post v.0.3.0 Edit

As Version 3 has not been released yet, it is impossible to tell what it will look like.

Gameplay Edit

The game plays as a normal fighting game. Each character has only one attack button, and a Neutral, Side, and Jump attack. There are also items that spawn on the map that can be used to a players advantage.

Characters Edit

So far there is a roster of eight characters (Note: These are all Pre-v.0.3.0)

Stages Edit

So far there are ten stages. (Note: These are all Pre-v.0.3.0)

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